Student Induction Program

  • Student Induction Program

About Induction Program

When new students enter an institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations. It is necessary to create an environment for students so that they feel comfortable, find their interest and explore their inner beings, create bonding with other students, establish relation with teachers, work for excellence, get a broader view of life and practice human values to build characters. An induction program for undergraduate students is an essential step in helping them transition smoothly into their academic journey. The program provides information about the university, academic expectations, support services, and campus life.

List of Activities

  • Welcome and Orientation: Welcome address by university officials; Overview of the university's history, mission, and values; Introduction to key university personnel;
  • Campus Tour and Facilities: Campus tour to familiarize students with key locations (libraries, labs, canteen, recreational areas etc.); Introduction to campus safety and security measures;
  • Student Services: Overview of student support service; Introduction to the university's online student portal; IT support and resources; Available scholarships and financial aids; Student Circulars / Notifications;
  • Academic Policies and Procedures: Overview of academic calendar; Explanation of registration procedures and deadlines; Introduction to academic integrity and code of conduct;
  • Physical Activity: Yoga/Pranayama session; Outdoor games; Gardening / tree plantation; Swachchhata Mission Activities;
  • Universal Human Values: An interactive session that allow students to experience the joy of learning, stand up to peer pressure, take decisions with courage, be aware of relationships with colleagues and supporting staff in the university, be sensitive to others, etc.
  • Mentor meet-up: Introduction to mentorship programs; Mentor-mentee groups creation; Introduction within group; Group projects and collaboration;
  • Literary: Book Talk; Essay writing; Elocution Competition; General Knowledge Quiz Competition;
  • English Proficiency: English general diagnostic test to determine student’s English proficiency level; Mentoring students to improve in English proficiency according to his/her proficiency level based on test;
  • Lectures by Eminent People: Interaction with leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, contributors and successful personalities in the area of study;
  • Goal Setting and Career Planning: Workshop on setting academic and personal goals; Introduction to the career services / placement cell; Overview of internship and job placement opportunities;
  • Student Organizations and Extracurricular Activities: Information on student clubs and organizations; Overview of cultural and recreational activities on campus;

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