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Convocation is a special occasion that marks the achievement of students' educational endeavours. Darshan University organizes annual convocations with absolute spirituality, making it a memorable event for everyone. We take great pride in conferring degrees to our students in person, in an honourable way, and then awarding them with gold medals and certificates of completion. We also give our students and their parents’ additional attention and hospitality during the event.

Our convocation is a unique representation of Indian culture, with the procession scented with Saraswati Vandana. Our students dress in convocation attire and the convocation is inaugurated with a traditional Deep Pragatya ceremony. Notably, our convocation has been blessed by dignitaries who have made substantial contributions to the national development. We are organizing convocations at Darshan University, each one showcasing our commitment to academic excellence and Indian culture. Catch the glimpse of convocations.

1st Convocation

Darshan University proudly celebrated its 1st Convocation marking a significant milestone in the institution's journey of academic excellence and achievement. The ceremony was marked by an academic procession led by the Registrar, Mr. Jay Dhamsaniya, followed by deans of various departments. The guests of honor were Swamiji Shri Medhajananadji, Shri Mihirbhai Madeka - Director of Rolex Ring-Rajkot & Shri Gautambhai Dhamsaniya - Narmada Spinning Pvt. Ltd-Rajkot. In all, 52 students completed their Post-Graduate program from Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Darshan Institute of Computer Applications, Darshan Institute of Management & Darshan Institute of Science. Students with highest CGPA were awarded with gold medals. In all, 4 gold medals were awarded to the deserving students. Dr. R.G.Dhamsaniya, President of Darshan University, emphasized the holistic university experience in his opening speech, urging graduates to use their education responsibly for societal betterment. Provost Shri. Manish V. Sanghani welcomed guests, highlighting the commencement of a new chapter for graduates. He emphasized the lifelong nature of education and the university's shift towards skill-focused learning. Medals and certificates were then presented to graduates by their respective department deans. Chief Guest Swamiji Medhajananadji stressed the importance of qualities beyond degrees, such as manners, dedication, and time management. The Convocation concluded with a heartfelt Vote of Thanks by the Chairman, acknowledging the effective hosting by Assistant Professor Mrs. Rutu Padhiyar.

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