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Expert talk on Industrial Interaction

  10 Jan 2024

Department of Mechanical Engineering organized Expert talk on industrial interaction is set to open with a compelling introduction, emphasizing the pivotal role of collaboration between academia and industry for 4th and 6th semesters of Diploma and B.E. Mechanical Engineering students. Mr. Yashin Dodhiya, a seasoned speaker in this domain, will guide the audience through key objectives, focusing on strategies for knowledge exchange, alignment of research goals, and effective skill transfer.

The program will then delve into the creation of innovation ecosystems and practical solutions to overcome common challenges, leveraging Mr. Yashin Dodhiya A notable segment will feature real-world success stories, illustrating the tangible outcomes of academia-industry partnerships. Concluding the talk, Yashin Dodhiya will inspire active engagement, urging participants to contribute to the dynamic interplay between academia and industry for societal advancement. This promises to be an insightful and motivational exploration of the crucial synergy between academic knowledge and industrial application.

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