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Industrial Visit at Amtech Investment Casting Private Limited, Rajkot.

  08 Aug 2022

The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an industrial visit for the students of the 5th semester on 5th August 2022 at Amtech Investment Casting Private Limited, Rajkot.

Amtech specializes in the lead to of investment castings to fixed customers requirements in all predilection melted alloys including culminating Carbon Steels, Stainless Steel, Ni base Alloys, Co base alloys and wear-resistant alloys and non-ferrous alloys. Amtech holdings have passed on to creatively make active an operation of unique Materials Process Engineering to produce cast parts exclusively for Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Marine, Defence, Food, Beverages, Building Hardware, Process Engineering etc., using tightly controlled repeatable manufacturing methods.

During the visit Students observed various processes i.e., Wax Injection, Pattern Assembly, Shell Building, Dewax Operation, Shell Pre Heating, Metal Pouring, Gate/Riser Cutting, Heat Treatment, Shot Blasting, Finishing Operation, Final Casting Inspection, Machining and Final Inspection.


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