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Advanced Seismic Design of Structures (2742003)

Teaching Scheme (in Hours)

Theory Tutorial Practical Total
3 0 2 4

Subject Credit :  4

Examination Scheme (in marks)

PA (M)
ESE Viva (V)
PA (I)
70 30 30 20 150

Syllabus Content    Download

Unit-1:  Earthquake Inputs

Time History Records and Frequency Contents of Ground Motion; Power Spectral Density Function of Ground Motion; Construction of Design Spectrum; Site Specific, Probabilistic and Uniform Hazard Spectrum; Predictive Relationships for earthquake parameters.

Unit-2:  Response analysis for specific ground motion

Time and frequency domain analyses of single and multi point excitations.

Unit-3:  Inelastic response of analysis

Incremental analysis for SDOF and MDOF systems, push over analysis.

Unit-4:  Performance based seismic design

Overview of the principles of performance - based seismic design, failure mode control and capacity design.

Unit-5:  Seismic soil structure interaction

Direct, substructure method and equivalent spring-dashpot analysis for soil-structure interaction problems.

Reference Books

Sr. Title Author Publication Amazon Link
1 Seismic Analysis of Structures T. K. Datta Wiley International
2 Dynamics of Structures - Application to Earthquake Engineering A. K. Chopra Pearson Education
3 Dynamics of Structures R.W. Clough and J. Penzien.
4 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering S. L. Kramer Pearson Education
5 Seismic Strong Motion Synthetics Bruce A. Bolt
6 Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures Pankaj Agarwal and Manish Shrikhande PHI india

Course Outcome

After learning the course the students should be able to:

  1. Construct design spectrum; Site Specific, Probablistic and Uniform Hazard Spectrums.
  2. Carry out time and frequency domain analysis of single and multi point excitations.
  3. To perform inelastic analysis of SDOF and MDOF systems.
  4. Understand the principles of performance-based seismic design, failure mode control and capacity design.
  5. To understand seismic soil structure interaction problems.

Subject List

ME (CI) ⇒ Semester: 4

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