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Construction Management (2180611)

Teaching Scheme (in Hours)

Theory Tutorial Practical Total
3 2 0 5

Subject Credit :  5

Examination Scheme (in marks)

PA (M)
ESE Viva (V)
PA (I)
70 30 30 20 150

Syllabus Content    Download

Unit-1:  Module - 1 Introduction

A construction project, Phases of construction project, Importance of construction and construction industry, Indian construction industry need of construction management, Stakeholders of construction management.

Unit-2:  Module - 2 Project Organization

Construction company structure of construction organization, Organizing for construction project management, Management levels, Traits of project manager and co-ordinators. Ethical conduct for engineers, Factors for success of a construction organization.

Unit-3:  Module - 3 Construction Economics

Economic decision making, Evaluating alternatives by , Effect of taxation on comparison of alternatives, Effect of inflation on cash flow, Evaluation of public projects, Benefit cost ratio method.

Unit-4:  Module - 4 Construction Planning

Types of project plans, Work break down structure, Planning techniques, Bar charts, CPM and PERT network analysis, Precedence network ladder network, Line of balance method.

Unit-5:  Module - 5 Project Scheduling and Resource Leveling

Resource allocation, Importance of project scheduling, Deriving other schedules, Network crushing and cost time trade off.

Unit-6:  Module - 6 Construction Equipment Management

advanced concepts in economical analysis.

Unit-7:  Module - 7 Construction Accounts Management

Principles of accounting, Accounting process construction contract revenue recognition, Construction contract status report, Limitation of accounting, Balance sheet, Profit and loss account, Working capital, Ratio analysis, Fund flow statement.

Unit-8:  Module - 8 Construction Material Management:

Material management functions, Inventory management. Job layout

Unit-9:  Module - 9 Construction Project Cost and Cost and Value Managements

Project cost management, Collection of cost related information, Cost codes, Cost statement, Value management in construction, Steps, Value engineering application in a typical case project.

Unit-10:  Module - 10 Construction Quality Management:

Construction quality, Inspection, Quality control and Quality assurance in projects, Total quality management, Quality gurus and their teaching cost of quality ISO standards, Principles of quality management systems, (CONQUAS) construction quality assessment system.

Unit-11:  Module - 11 Construction Safety Management

Evolution of safety, Accident causation theory, Unsafe conditions, Unsafe acts health and safety act and regulation cost of accidents, Role of safety personnel, Accident causes and principles of safety, Safety and health management system.

Unit-12:  Module - 12 Linear Programming in Construction Management:

Formulation of model, Graphical and Simplex method.

Unit-13:  Module - 13 Factors for Success of A Construction Project

Project performance measurement and project evaluation criteria, Project performance attributes, Effect of other elements on project performance.

Reference Books

Sr. Title Author Publication Amazon Link
1 Construction Project Management: Theory and Practices Kumar Niraj Jha, Pearson Education Publishers
2 Project Management for Engineering and Construction Garold D Oberlender McGraw Hill Education (India), Pvt. Ltd.
3 CPM and PERT Punamia & Khandelwal Lakshmi Publications
4 Construction Planning and Management P S Gehlot and B M Dhir Wiley Eastern Ltd.
5 A Management Guide to PERT/ CPM Weist and Levy Prentice Hall
6 Construction Management P P Dharwadkar
7 Construction of Structures and Management of Works S. C. Rangwala Charotar Publications.

Course Outcome

After learning the course the students should be able to:
(1) Execute all type of managerial tasks in construction projects.
(2) Use software for construction projects management.

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