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Foundation Engineering (2180609)

Teaching Scheme (in Hours)

Theory Tutorial Practical Total
3 0 2 5

Subject Credit :  5

Examination Scheme (in marks)

PA (M)
ESE Viva (V)
PA (I)
70 30 30 20 150

Syllabus Content    Download

Unit-1:  Module - 1 Selection of foundation and Sub-soil exploration/investigation

Types of foundation, Factors affecting the selection of type of foundations, steps in choosing types of foundation based on soil condition, Objectives and planning of exploration program, methods of exploration-wash boring and rotary drilling-depth of boring, soil samples and soil samplers-representative and undisturbed sampling, field penetration tests: SPT, SCPT, DCPT. Introduction to geophysical methods, Bore log and report writing, data interpretation.

Unit-2:  Module - 2 Shallow Foundation

Introduction, significant depth, design criteria, modes of shear failures.Detail study of bearing capacity theories (Prandtl, Rankine, Terzaghi, Skempton), bearing capacity determination using IS Code, Presumptive bearing capacity. Settlement, components of settlement & its estimation, permissible settlement, Proportioning of footing for equal settlement, allowable bearing pressure. Bearing capacity from in-situ tests( SPT, SCPT, PLATE LOAD), Factors affecting bearing capacity including Water Table., Bearing capacity of raft/mat foundation as per codal provisions, Contact pressure under rigid and flexible footings. Floating foundation. Types of pavements & its design.

Unit-3:  Module - 3 Pile foundations

Introduction, load transfer mechanism, types of piles and their function, factors influencing selection of pile, their method of installation and their load carrying characteristics for cohesive and granular soils, piles subjected to vertical loads- pile load carrying capacity from static formula,dynamic formulae (ENR and Hiley), penetration test data & Pile load test (IS 2911). Pile group: carrying capacity, efficiency and settlement. Negative skin friction.

Unit-4:  Module - 4 Foundations on problematic soil & Introduction to Geo synthetics

Significant characteristics of expansive soil, footing on such soils, Problems and preventive measures. Under-reamed pile foundation-its concept,design & field installation. Significant characteristics of silt and loess, problems & remedial measures footing on such soils, introduction to geosynthetics-types and uses.

Unit-5:  Module - 5 Retaining walls

Types (types of flexible and rigid earth retention systems: counter fort, gravity, diaphragm walls, sheet pile walls, soldier piles and lagging).

Reference Books

Sr. Title Author Publication Amazon Link
1 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering P. Purushothama Raj Pearson Education.
2 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering B.C. Punamia Laxmi Pub. Pvt. Ltd., Delhi.
3 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Alamsingh CBS Publishers & Distributors, Delhi
4 Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics Taylor D.W. Asia Publishing House, Mumbai
5 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering V. N. S. Murthy Sai Kripa Technical Consultants, Banglore

Course Outcome

After learning the course the students should be able to:

(a)Select appropriate soil investigation/testing technique/method and get true sub soil parameters used for selection of type of foundation as per codal guidelines.

(b)Select and design appropriate/suitable foundation system (shallow/Deep) for different structures, that satisfy the allowable bearing capacity and settlement requirements based on soil properties,

(c)Design deep foundation satisfying bearing capacity and settlement requirements,

(d)Design and analysis of retaining walls and sheet piles under static loads,

(e)Understand the engineering behaviour of expansive soils and selection of suitable foundation type for such soils.

(f)Selection of alternate materials like geosynthetics and its application in foundation problems.

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