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Elementary Structural Design (2160607)

Teaching Scheme (in Hours)

Theory Tutorial Practical Total
4 2 0 6

Subject Credit :  6

Examination Scheme (in marks)

PA (M)
ESE Viva (V)
PA (I)
70 30 30 20 150

Syllabus Content    Download

Unit-1:  Module - 1 Introduction

Objectives, Properties of Reinforced Concrete and Structural Steel, Loads & load combinations, Methods of Analysis, Codes & specifications, Design Philosophies - Working stress Method, Ultimate Load Method, Limit State Method, Plastic Method.

Unit-2:  Module - 2 Limit state design of RC elements

(A) Philosophy of Limit state design:

Limit state of collapse & serviceability, partial safety factors for material & loading.

Limit State of Flexure: Stress-strain characteristics of concrete & reinforcing steel, Type of section-under reinforced, over reinforced & balance section, Neutral Axis depth, Moment of Resistance for singly reinforced, doubly reinforced and flanged sections

Limit State of Shear and Torsion, combined flexure & torsion, Bond & Anchorage, Development length, splicing

(B) Design of Beams: Simply supported, cantilever and continuous beams

(C) Design of Slab: One way, two way simply supported and continuous slabs

(D) Design of Column: Classifications, Assumptions, Design of Short Columns under axial load

(E) Design of Foundations: Design of isolated footing under axial load and uni-axial bending, combined footing

Unit-3:  Module - 3 Limit State Design of Steel Elements

(A) Philosophy of Limit state design:

Limit state of collapse & serviceability, partial safety factor for material and loading, Type & behavior of sections – Plastic, compact, semicompact, slender.

(B) Connections:

Bolted connections – bearing type, behavior of bolted joints, Design strength of ordinary & HSFG bolts. Welded connections Fillet and Butt weld, design of simple connections such as lap and butt joints, truss joint connections.

(C) Axial force design:

Tension member: types of tension member, behavior, modes of failure, Design of tension member, splices, lug angle. Compression member: Behaviour, classification of sections, possible modes of failure, elastic buckling of slender member, design of compression member having single & built-up section, lacing & battening,

(D) Design for Beams and Beam-Columns:

Type of sections, classification, Lateral stability, Design strength of laterally restrained and unrestrained bea

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3 Design of Concrete Structures A.K.Jain Nemchand Publication
4 Design of Steel Structures; Arya A.S. & Ajamani J.L Nemchand & Bros., Roorkee
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