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Distributed Operating System(ME-I) (2710213)

Teaching Scheme (in Hours)

Theory Tutorial Practical Total
3 2 2 5

Subject Credit :  5

Examination Scheme (in marks)

PA (M)
ESE Viva (V)
PA (I)

Syllabus Content    Download

Unit-1:  Introduction to distributed Systems

Definition and goals, Hardware and Software concepts, Design issues.

Unit-2:  Communication in Distributed System

Computer Network and Layered protocols, Message passing and related issues, synchronization, Client Server model & its implementation.

Unit-3:  Case Studies

Remote procedure call and implementation issues, Stub generation,SUN RPC, DEC RPC.

Unit-4:  Synchronization in distributed systems

Clock synchronization and related algorithms, mutual exclusion, Deadlock in distributed systems.

Unit-5:  Distributed Shared Memory

Introduction, general architecture of DSM systems, design and implementation issues of DSM, granularity, structure of shared memory space, consistency models, replacement strategy, thrashing.

Unit-6:  Resource Management

Load balancing and Load sharing approach.

Unit-7:  Process Management

Migration, Threads.

Unit-8:  Distributed File Systems

Introduction, features & goal of distributed file system, file models, file accessing models, file sharing semantics, file caching scheme, file replication, fault tolerance, trends in distributed file system, case study.

Unit-9:  Case study

Amoeba, Mach, Chorus and their comparison.

Reference Books

Sr. Title Author Publication Amazon Link
1 Distributed Operating Systems Concepts and Design Pradeep K. Sinha PHI
2 Distributed Operating Systems Andrew S Tannebaum Pearson

Course Outcome

After learning the course the students should be able to:

  • Understand distributed systems
  • Know various types of transparencies which Distributed OS should provide
  • Understand and analyse Message passing models
  • Understand RPC and implement it using manual or automatic stub generation
  • Know various synchronization issues
  • Know, analyse various election algorithms
  • Implement threads
  • Know File systems
  • Compare various Distributed OS

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