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Service Oriented Computing (2170713)

Teaching Scheme (in Hours)

Theory Tutorial Practical Total
3 0 2 5

Subject Credit :  5

Examination Scheme (in marks)

PA (M)
ESE Viva (V)
PA (I)
70 30 30 20 150

Syllabus Content    Download

Unit-1:  SOC Introduction

Distributed computing in the large, Motivations for composition, Challenges for composition, Web Services Architectures and Standards, Computing with Services , W3C

Unit-2:  Roots of SOA

Fundamental of SOA, Characteristics of SOA, Comparing SOA to client-server and distributed internet architectures, Anatomy of SOA, How components in an SOA interrelate

Unit-3:  Enterprise Architectures and SOC Principles

Introduction, Integration versus interoperation , Model Driven Architecture , Concepts of Distributed Computing, XML, Use cases: Intra-enterprise and Inter-enterprise Interoperation, Application, Configuration, Dynamic Selection, Software Fault Tolerance,

Unit-4:  Service Oriented Analysis

Business-centric SOA – Deriving business, Services, Service modeling, Service Oriented Design; WSDL Basics, SOAP Basics, UDDI Basics, REST Basics, Difference between SOAP v/s REST

Unit-5:  Web Service Basics

Service Description, Messaging with SOAP, Message Exchange pattern, Coordination, Transaction, Business Activities, Orchestration, Choreography. Service layer Abstraction - Application Service Layer, Business Service Layer, Orchestration Service Layer

Unit-6:  Service Composition

Service composition guidelines – Entity-centric business service design, Application service design, Task centric business, service design

Unit-7:  SOA Platform basics

SOA support in J2EE: Java API for XML based web services (JAX-WS), Java architecture for XML binding (JAXB), Java API for XML Registries (JAXR), Java API for XML based RPC (JAXRPC), Web Services Interoperability Technologies (WSIT). SOA support in .NET: Common Language Runtime, ASP.NET web forms, ASP.NET web services, Web Services Enhancements (WSE).

Unit-8:  WS-* Specifications and WS-BPEL

WS-Addressing, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Policy (including WSPolicy Attachments and WS-PolicyAssertions), WS-Metadata Exchange, WS-BPEL basics, WS-Coordination overview, WS-Choreography, WS-Security (including XML-Encryption, XML-Signature, and SAML)

Reference Books

Sr. Title Author Publication Amazon Link
1 Service Oriented Computing: Semantics, Processes, Agents Munindar Singh & Michael Huhns Wiley Publication
2 Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design Thomas Erl Pearson Education
3 SOA Principles of Service Design Thomas Erl
4 SOA using Java™ Web Services Mark D Hansen Prentice Hall Publication
5 Enterprise SOA Designing IT for Business Innovation Dan Woods and Thomas Mattern O’REILLY
6 Service-oriented Architecture for Enterprise Applications Shankar Kambhampaty John Wiley & Sons

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