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Microprocessor and Interfacing (2150707)

Teaching Scheme (in Hours)

Theory Tutorial Practical Total
4 0 2 6

Subject Credit :  6

Examination Scheme (in marks)

PA (M)
ESE Viva (V)
PA (I)
70 30 30 20 150

Syllabus Content    Download

Unit-1:  Introduction to Microprocessor, Components of a Microprocessor

Registers, ALU and control & timing, System bus (data, address and control bus), Microprocessor systems with bus organization

Unit-2:  Microprocessor Architecture and Operations

Microprocessor Architecture and Operations, Memory, I/O devices, Memory and I/O operations

Unit-3:  8085 Microprocessor Architecture

8085 Microprocessor Architecture, Address, Data And Control Buses, 8085 Pin Functions, Demultiplexing of Buses, Generation Of Control Signals, Instruction Cycle, Machine Cycles, T-States, Memory Interfacing

Unit-4:  Assembly Language Programming Basics

Assembly Language Programming Basics, Classification of Instructions, Addressing Modes, 8085 Instruction Set, Instruction And Data Formats, Writing, Assembling & Executing A Program, Debugging The Programs

Unit-5:  Writing 8085 assembly language programs

Writing 8085 assembly language programs with decision, making and looping using data transfer, arithmetic, logical and branch instructions

Unit-6:  Stack & Subroutines

Stack & Subroutines, Developing Counters and Time Delay Routines, Code Conversion, BCD Arithmetic and 16-Bit Data operations

Unit-7:  Interfacing Concepts

Interfacing Concepts, Ports, Interfacing Of I/O Devices, Interrupts In 8085, Programmable Interrupt Controller 8259A, Programmable Peripheral Interface 8255A

Unit-8:  Advanced Microprocessors

8086 logical block diagram and segments, 80286: Architecture, Registers (Real/Protected mode), Privilege levels, descriptor cache, Memory access in GDT and LDT, multitasking, addressing modes, flag register80386: Architecture, Register organization, Memory access in protected mode, Paging80486 : Only the technical featuresPentium : Architecture and its versions

Unit-9:  SUN SPARC Microprocessor

Architecture, Register file, data types and instruction format

Unit-10:  ARM Processor

Architecture features, Logical block diagram of ARM7 architecture

Reference Books

Sr. Title Author Publication Amazon Link
1 Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, and Applications with the 8085 Ramesh S. Gaonkar Pe nram International
2 Microprocessors and Interfacing N. Senthil Kumar, M. Saravanan, S. Jeevanathan, S Oxford
3 Advanced Microprocessor Daniel Tabak McGrawHill
4 Microprocessor & Interfacing Douglas Hall TMH
5 8086 Programming and Advance Processor Architecture Savaliya M. T WileyIndia
6 The 8088 and 8086 Microprocessors Triebel & Singh Pearson Ed

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