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T he Library of the Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology, which was established in the year 2009, serves as knowledge hub containing resources as well as e-resources. In any academic institution Library plays an important role in the dissemination of Knowledge and Information. Darshan Institutes, less than 1 year old, has recognized the importance of the academic vibrations required in the library and has been growing in this direction, right from its very inception

The Library aims to put the motto: “Information is for use”, into practice. The library houses Text books, Reference Books, E-books, Print & e-journals and magazines, News papers, CD/DVD, Course Material, Question Papers, Project Reports, Bound Volumes of Periodicals etc. , We take pride in saying that we have very good collection of recourses. Added to this, we have a wide collection of general books like. Literature, Motivational books, G.K. books, etc. which help to increase the knowledge of our students and Staff members in all different fields.






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  • Circulation Services
  • Photocopy Service
  • Document Scan Service
  • Reference service / Referral Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Document Delivery Service
  • Resource Sharing
  • Magazine/JournalService:Content Pages provided in hard copy and soft copy by e-mail.
  • Access and copy of CD/DVD
  • Content Management: Managed Content Database of Book Content, Magazine Content and Journal Content
  • Online Access to E-resources
  • Newspapers Clipping Service
  • Back Dated Magazines Circulation
  • New Arrivals Display
  • Reading Room Facility
  • Library service available on Facebook and by e-mail free for all
  • Reservation Facility
  • Overnight issue of Reference books
  • Library Orientation Program for New Students: User education by PPT presentation and Library visit for new users Orientation cum Demo programmed for using e-resources/library resources.
  • Latest News/Articles of Competitive Exam Related magazines send regularly every month to Library Users by e-mail.

  • British Library - Ahmedabad
  • Delnet

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DLib-OPAC is a mobile app developed by "Apps, Software & Website Development Center (ASWDC)" of Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot. It has various features like Material Search, Member Status, Content Search, New Arrivals in Department, Library Statistics, etc. It is freely available for Android, Windows, and iOS platform.

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