Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

E lectronics & Communication engineering mainly deals with the designing and manufacturing of the devices and systems which makes life of human being easy, fast and secure. The systems developed mainly relate to acquiring, communicating, manipulating and analyzing information. To put it in simple words EC covers wide area of applications from small sensor to huge satellites, simple calculators to super computers,microwave ovens to missiles, mobile phones to medical electronics, automation in industries to electronics in automobiles etc. The field of EC engineering is so much huge that cover plenty of subjects and technologies like Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Industrial and Consumer Electronics, Communication Engineering, RF and Microwave Communication, Fiber optic and Satellite Communication, Micro processors and Controllers, Embedded and VLSI systems etc. This makes students to get job in the various fields of industry and research organizations.

Best Practices at Department

The department is committed to work toward quality education through innovative teaching and learning processes, state-of-the-art facilities and conducive academic ambiance. Some of the best practices at department include:

  • Student centric teaching and learning process.
  • Extensive use of educational software and multimedia tools for efficient teaching and learning.
  • Various valued addition programs along with regular academics to improve skill set of students.
  • Various collaborative programs through MoU with Industries,R&D centers and other organizations.
  • Effective Industry-Institute interaction through seminars, visits and industry defined projects.
  • Activities related to career planning and campus placement in association with professional organizations.