About SSIP

Student Startups and Innovation Policy (SSIP) is a unique initiative of Government of Gujarat that aims to create an integrated, state-wide, university and institute based innovation ecosystem to support innovations and ideas of young students and provide a conducive environment for properly harnessing their creative pursuit. This policy is in synchronization with central efforts like the Make in India, Startup India, Atal Innovation Mission, National Innovation Council etc. It has following key objectives-

  • Developing student centric Innovation and Pre-incubation Ecosystem for Students.
  • Creating environment for creativity to flourish and an end-to-end support system in educational institutions to allow ample support to ideas for better execution.
  • Build internal capacity of educational institutions and key components of the innovation ecosystem.
  • Create pathways for mind to market.
  • Create a common platform to showcase, support and upscale innovations for motivating stakeholders as well as for an opportunity to create value for money and value for many.

As a part of this policy, over span of five years, Government intends to build capacity of at least 200 educational institutions in the State, to have a robust pre-incubation facility for students and alumni startups and innovations. Introduced in 2017, currently by end of Phase-III implementation Government has endorsed 24 Universities and 52 Institutes in the State as SSIP Nodal Center. SSIP Nodal centers receives funding assistance from Government and provides facilities like infrastructural resources, working space, funding for developing proof of concept (PoC) and prototype, guidance and support for IPR related activities, mentoring, capacity building, etc.

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