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Civil Engineering Department Organising "Seminar on CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES to Budding Civil Engineer" from 28th Dec. 2016 to 30th Dec. 2016

  •   December 27, 2016
  • Civil Engineering


The workshop is mainly focused on shaping up the mentality of consequences to be faced during the working period of the students after the completion of graduation. To explain the problems, communication between entrepreneur individuals and other detail issues coming in routine life of civil engineering world.

Expert opinions will help to understand the designations of civil engineering routine life and other important issues, how experts deal with the problems, what problem they face, and what consequences can be expected during working phase of civil engineering will be discussed with the students in this three days workshop by specialized personals.


1. To aware the students about book practice and field practice in the domain of civil engineering

2. To aware the students about exact duties on site as a site engineer

3. To make students familiar with current construction practices

4. To aware the students about importance of workmanship

5. To become a better linkage between labor, owner and consultants

6. To learn about the technical communication methodology on site

7. To get key-advises to improve employability of budding engineer.