Expert Lectures

Concepts of Quality, Kaizen & Safety Management in Industries

  •   September 11, 2017
  •  By Mr. Nilesh I. Parekh - Mr. N. I. Parekh is presently working as a Management Representative, GM and Head of Quality Management, at GHCL Limited. He is a lead auditor in QMS-quality management system, EMS-environment management system and OHSAS-occupational health safety as
  •   GHCL Limited

Seminar on “Concepts on Quality, Kaizen & Safety Management in Industries” was arranged by Department of Mechanical Engineering for final year students on 11th September, 2017. Mr. Nilesh I. Parekh discussed on various topics on safety and quality management. He also discussed about various case studies on Kaizen which he was supervised at GHCL Limited and shared his knowledge with the students.

Expert Lecture on “Advance Trends In Foundry Technology”

  •   August 30, 2017
  •  By Mr. C. M. Chug - Mr. C. M. Chug has experience of 45 years in the field of Foundry technology and currently working as head of the Foundry department in Jyoti CNC Automation ltd., Rajkot.
  •   Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd

Main objective of the seminar is to deliver the knowledge about actual practice of industries in the field of Foundry technology to the students.

Advanced Boiler Technology

  •   July 22, 2017
  •  By Mr. Chirag Kapuria - Mr. Chirag kapuria working as Boiler Operation Engineer in Nirma Chemicals Ltd. He has more than 3 years of experience in working with CFBC.
  •   Nirma Chemicals Ltd.

Mr. Chirag Kapuria has shared his experience related to boiler operation and maintenance. During his talk he discussed about Design and Construction features of Circulation Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler, Design of Economiser, Simple and flexible coal handling system, Drum and Drum internals in boiler and Heat balance in boiler. He has also guided about questions which are asked during campus recruitment program. He has also motivated students for last year projects and gave few interesting pro

Fundamental, Symptoms & Trouble shooting of Centrifugal pump

  •   July 22, 2017
  •  By Mr. Dilip Bhalodia - Mr. Dilip Bhalodiya is working as Project and Maintenance Engineer in Nirma Chemicals Ltd. He has more than 5 years of experience in working with centrifugal pump, its installation and troubleshooting.
  •   Nirma Chemicals Ltd.

Mr. Dilip Bhalodiya has included history, working, main parts of pump, relation between pressure and liquid etc. He has shared his experience with the students and guided about symptoms and trouble shooting of pump.

Quality assurance

  •   March 28, 2017
  •  By Mr. Parag Solanki - Mr. Parag Solanki has experience of 22 years in the field of Quality and Assurance and currently working as head of the Quality department in Amul Industries Rajkot. He is also a black belt candidate in six-sigma practice.

Mr. Parag delivered a great session on actual practice of industries on quality assurance.

Advance Measuring Instruments

  •   March 28, 2017
  •  By Mr. Naval Zala - Mr. Naval Zala has experience of more than 27 years in the field of Quality & Development and currently working as head of the Quality department in Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd., Rajkot.
  •   Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd.

He had discussed advance measuring instruments, various measurement techniques used in Industries and quality aspects of Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd.

Youth Power Motivation

  •   August 04, 2016
  •  By Prof. B. B. Agola

Basics & Applications of Hydraulics

  •   August 02, 2016
  •  By Ms. Chitrangi Bhatt & Mr. Nitin Sapre
  •   Bosch-Rexroth, Ahmedabad

Introduction to Creo & ANSYS Software

  •   July 29, 2016
  •  By Mr. Nilkanth Raichura
  •   Bluechip Corporation, Rajkot

Introduction to Solidworks

  •   April 08, 2016
  •  By Mr. Paresh Bhalodia
  •   Khodiyar CAD center, Rajkot

Case study on Gear Simulation in Ansys Workbench

  •   April 07, 2016
  •  By Mr. Vaibhav Choksi
  •   CADD Center, Morbi

Training on Electro Mechanical System Design

  •   February 09, 2016
  •  By Mr. Abhishek Gondaliya
  •   NSIC – Technical Services Center, Rajkot

Gas Turbine Power Plant

  •   January 04, 2016
  •  By Mr. Prakash Dalsania
  •   GE Power & Water

Inspiring Speech based on Swami Vivekanand

  •   October 08, 2015
  •  By Prof. B. B. Agola

Introduction of Lean Manufacturing in industries

  •   September 16, 2015
  •  By Mr. Nitin Mehta
  •   Bhavani industries, Rajkot

Future Prospects & Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers

  •   April 04, 2015
  •  By Mr. Gaurav Jogi
  •   Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar

Manufacturing & Application of different types of Pump

  •   October 01, 2014
  •  By Mr. Anand Savaliya
  •   Silver Pump Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot

Application of Static & Dynamic equipments used in process industries.

  •   August 30, 2014
  •  By Mr.Kuldipsinh Jadeja
  •   Reliance Industries Ltd., Jamnagar

Application of CATIA for outer body of car

  •   July 24, 2014
  •  By Mr.Jayesh Mehta
  •   CAD Centre, Ahemdabad

Introduction to Milling using NX - 9

  •   July 15, 2014
  •  By Mr. Krushang Patel
  •   The CAD World, Rajkot

Ethics and Morals in life

  •   July 08, 2014
  •  By Prof.B.B.Agola
  •   L. E. College of Engineering, Morbi

Practical approach towards mechanical engineering

  •   February 22, 2014
  •  By Dr. D.P.Vakhariya
  •   SVNIT, Surat

CAD/CAM/CAE Mechanical tool, PTC Creo 2.0

  •   February 17, 2014
  •  By Mr. Jignesh Vadaliya
  •   PRO/CAD-CAM Solutions, Rajkot

Introduction to ANSYS

  •   June 07, 2013
  •  By Mr. Raviraj Panchal
  •   Khodiyar CAD Center, Ahmedabad

Introduction to Solidworks

  •   June 07, 2013
  •  By Mr.Alpesh Patel
  •   Khodiyar CAD Center, Ahmedabad