Humanities & Science Department

O ur overall objective over the next few years is to strengthen the uniquely interdisciplinary nature of the Department. As known, DIET is always meant to impart training not merely in the fundamentals of science and technology but also in innovative thinking. This is likely to be of utmost importance in a rapidly changing world where the nature of knowledge has been transformed almost beyond recognition. It is here that the Humanities & Science scan contribute to the profile of students at DIET.

The Department of H & Sc plays a unique and distinctive role in an institute where the ethos of science and technology prevails. It is believed that engineering and science are, by their very nature, humanistic and socially derived enterprises. Hence a complete science and technology education must include Pure and Applied sciences where the students unite application of scientific principles along with human, moral and social understanding.

The Department of Humanities and Sciences is multidisciplinary in its orientation. The Department's essentially inter-disciplinary nature is its distinguishing factor. Coupled with its multidisciplinary background, the Department boasts of a highly diverse and experienced faculty members. It has an excellent student-teacher ratio, providing opportunities for academically intense learning. This allows students to develop an appreciation for a very diverse set of fields.

Whatever their individual branches of scholarship, it is the concern of all faculties teaching in these areas to continue to meet and to extend the intellectual challenges projected in the charter. At the same time, we remain conscious of our especial obligations to address the social needs of India.

Original contributions to research and to ongoing debates in ethics, cultural anthropology, cognition, ideology, development policy, organizational behavior and economic activity and indeed to the nature of theory itself are crucial within a Department like ours.


The department caters to the Institutes' need and demand in various levels of B.E., M.E. and Diploma students. Both the sections though opposite in nature, works in providing depth and breadth to the programs offered by the Institute.
Department plays a pivotal role in being the cornerstone of Institutes' vision of providing students holistic development. We hand-hold students to develop communicative, and analytic skills, cultural knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in their professional and personal life.
Our department is involved in all three aspects of a higher seat of learning namely, Teaching, Research and Extension, thereby we are linked with our people and our society.


At the department, we take extra care to pay individual attention to the students. In their laboratory work, project work and problem sessions, students are encouraged to develop innovative and analytical approach to physics learning. The faculty is very active in extension programmes, in reaching out to students and the general public, through various social activities. The Department has highly active and vibrant faculty members committed to impart high quality research standards in pure and applied areas of physics and also train students to become competent and motivated engineers.

Communication skills

The aim of communication skill is to enrich all skills. Our college has been serving many facilities to fulfill this purpose which makes students capable for effective and accurate communication which is genuinely useful for the students of engineering and technology.


The word is changing with the challenges facing us on a global level there is a new need for organization to integrate technical and business skills to solve these difficult problems. Management subject can fill this gap. In the complex competitive word of technology driven industry, skilled engineers who understand the essential principles of business have tremendous competitive advantages.

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