Electronics and Communication Engineering Department


E lectronics and Communication (EC) engineering broadly deals with systems related to acquiring, communicating, manipulating and analyzing information.To put it in simple words EC covers wide area of applications from small sensor to huge satellites, simple calculators to super computers,microwave ovens to missiles, mobile phones to medical electronics, automation in industries to electronics in automobiles etc. EC has achieved fastest technology growth ever among all domains of engineering and has registered its spread in almost all areas of application. Presence of EC has become ubiquitous and has undoubtedly become one of the basic branches in Engineering. Because of the nature of curriculum that EC Engineers study, they have plenty of career opportunities not only in the core area of Electronics and Communication but also in allied areas like Instrumentation, Computer Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering., Mechatronics, Bio-medical etc.

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in the year 2009 and has a current intake of 60 students in Bachelor of Engineering and 24 students in Master of Engineering program. The institute being affiliated to Gujarat Technological University, the curriculum, examination and other academic structure of the department are as per defined by the University.

The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty providing excellent teaching & learning environment. Faculties with industrial background bridge the gap between academic learning and industrial needs. Faculties are easily accessible and enjoy mentoring students. The department regularly conducts various seminars and training programs on advanced technologies for the up-gradation of student’s knowledge and makes them compatible with market requirements. The department is very keenly preparing its batches for the vast field of opportunities through meticulous study of curriculum and other value addition courses.

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Best Practices at Department

The department is committed to work toward quality education through innovative teaching and learning processes, state-of-the-art facilities and conducive academic ambiance. Some of the best practices at department include:
  • Student centric teaching and learning process
  • Extensive use of educational software and othercmultimedia tools for efficient teaching and learning
  • Various value addition programs along with regular academics to improve skill level of students
  • Encouragement for participation in technical events and competitions
  • Expert Lectures by Industrial personnel
  • Industry defined projects for final year students
  • Regular industrial visits for field exposure
  • Internship programs for students during semester breaks
  • Regular workshops on Communication Skills and Personality Development
  • Mock Interview sessions conducted by Industry and Academic experts
  • Empower students to develop skills for lifelong learning
  • Continuously updating students with available career options and market trends
  • Assist students to develop and implement job search strategies
  • Upgrading students skill sets to meet expectations of industries.
  • Assist students to develop academic and career interest, and short and long term goals through individual counseling.