Project-1 - [2170001]


Teaching Scheme

Tutorial Practical Total
0 0 4 4

Examination Scheme

Theory Examination Practical Examination Total
ESE (E) PA (M) ESE Viva (V) PA (I)
0 0 80 20 100

    ESE = End Semester Examination, PA = Progressive Assessment

Course Type   

Syllabus Content

Any application in the field of Electronics and Communication. OR Investigation of the latest development in a specific field of Electronics and Communication OR The investigation of practical problem in manufacture and / or testing of electronics or communication equipments OR The Microprocessor / Microcontroller based applications projects OR Software development/Simulation project related to VLSI, Communication, Instrumentation, Signal Processing , Image Processing,GIS, Remote sensing applications etc OR Interdisciplinary projects should be encouraged. The examination will be conducted independently in respective departments.
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