Civil Engineering

Experts are- 1) Shri. S. P. Arora                         2) Shri S. K. Vachhani

                       Senior General Manager                 Dy. G. M.- State Head,

                       Customer Technical;Services          Gujarat

                        Rajsthan & Gujarat


Date & Venue- 15-03-2017,  10:00 AM to 12:00 PM



Civil Engineering

Expert Faculty- Mr. B. V. Harsora

                        Retired Executive Engineer, R & B

                        Currently Working with Consultant

                        M/S Frishman Prabhu


Date & Venue- 01/04/2017

                       Auditorium-1, Block-G 

Civil Engineering

Title of Talk:- Concept of kaizen & its application, ISO breifing, Basic Concept of Quality, Safety aspect in engineering

Detail of Expert-  N. I. PAREKH

                          MR & Head of QM,

                          Safety & Environment GHCL Limited, Sutrapada-362275


Date & Venue- 17th March,2017

                      Time:- 12:00 to 1.50 PM

                       Auditorium-1, Block-G


Civil Engineering


The workshop is mainly focused on the air and noise pollution monitoring, assessment, impact prediction, health issues. Studies done on air and noise pollution in Indian conditions are less as compare to developed countries and it is very important as well as useful to carry out some highlighted issues in the respective fields. This workshop will be very useful for scholars, Professionals, Engineers from private Organizations, Teachers, who are searching a good research scope in the environmental engineering field.


  1. Health impacts of noise and its modeling
  2. Traffic noise studies
  3. Air pollution monitoring and analysis
  4. Air pollution modeling
  5. Significance of air and noise management in sustainable urban planning

Civil Engineering


The workshop is mainly focused on shaping up the mentality of consequences to be faced during the working period of the students after the completion of graduation. To explain the problems, communication between entrepreneur individuals and other detail issues coming in routine life of civil engineering world.

Expert opinions will help to understand the designations of civil engineering routine life and other important issues, how experts deal with the problems, what problem they face, and what consequences can be expected during working phase of civil engineering will be discussed with the students in this three days workshop by specialized personals.


1. To aware the students about book practice and field practice in the domain of civil engineering

2. To aware the students about exact duties on site as a site engineer

3. To make students familiar with current construction practices

4. To aware the students about importance of workmanship

5. To become a better linkage between labor, owner and consultants

6. To learn about the technical communication methodology on site

7. To get key-advises to improve employability of budding engineer.

March 03, 2016
Civil Engineering