Expert Lectures

An Expert Talk on Town Planning Scheme

  •   April 12, 2018
  •  By Mr. Bhavesh Joshi
  •   City Engineer - R.M.C.

An Expert Talk on Application of Construction Chemicals

  •   April 06, 2018
  •  By Mr. Manish Nakrani
  •   Redwop Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

In this expert talk students learned about various types of chemicals available in the market, its chemical properties and its method of application during construction. Students also learned about various Indian Standards available for application or usage of construction chemicals.

One Day Workshop On AutoCAD

  •   March 10, 2018
  •  By Mr. Parth Sapariya
  •   Perfect Computer - Rajkot

In this workshop Mr. Parth Sapariya gave brief introduction about AutoCAD and other CAD software and students learn to draw residential building plan.

RERA: Applicability and Impact on Construction Industry

  •   December 29, 2017
  •  By Mr. Hiral Doriwala
  •   Town Planner at Govt. of Gujarat

To regulate the real estate sector, the government has come up with the idea of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Bill which is expected to help buyers. RERA is supposed to protect the interest of the homebuyer and ensure timely delivery of projects and it highly affects the construction industry. In this session main focus was on implementation process of RERA, its advantages and effect on construction future.

How to become entrepreneur ?

  •   December 28, 2017
  •  By Mr. Amit Trambadia
  •   Shyamal Builders

In this seminar well-known entrepreneur Mr. Amit Trambadiya from Shyamal Builders shared his story of becoming such a famous personality and A brief overview was provided on how to become a successful entrepreneur, Required Skills, techniques and other basic requirement related to be a civil Entrepreneur were discussed in this session.

An Expert Talk on Non-Destructive Testing

  •   December 28, 2017
  •  By Mr. Dhrumit Pandya
  •   Coreline Consultant

Introduction of Plumbing Faucets

  •   December 27, 2017
  •  By Mr. Jignesh Dave
  •   Plumber Faucets

In this seminar students came to know about revolution in plumbing fittings, fixtures and its methodology for fittings. This seminar was delivered by Mr. Jignesh Dave representative of well-known brand of plumbing accessories - Plumber Faucets

An Expert Talk on Valuation Practices

  •   December 26, 2017
  •  By Mr. Nilesh Suchdev
  •   Chief Architect & Valuer, Suchdev Associates

This expert lecture helped students to learn actual practices adopted in field for valuation of various types of real estate properties. And they also learned about various challenges or difficulties faced in valuation process.

An Expert Talk on Government Contracting Practices

  •   December 26, 2017
  •  By Mr. Rasik Bhadania
  •   Phoenix Projects

This expert talk provided information about the Contractor License application process and its types. It helped students to understand the issues, requirements and practices followed by government contractors.

One Day Workshop on Recent Trend in Land Surveying and Mapping

  •   August 26, 2017
  •  By Prof. Dr. H. J. Chauhan
  •   Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya

This workshop provides the basic knowledge about the recent technique used in surveying. The workshop contains the introduction about the modern surveying instrument used in surveying like total station, DGPS etc.

Moisture Resistant Road Construction

  •   July 07, 2017
  •  By Mr. Rajesh Pitroda
  •   Zydex Industries

Introduction on Town Planning Scheme

  •   April 07, 2017
  •  By Mr. Bhavesh Joshi
  •   City Engineer - R.M.C.

Akash Darshan

  •   April 03, 2017
  •  By Mr. Nilesh Rana
  •   Lokvigyan Kendra - Rajkot

The Need of Safety Awareness in Civil Engineering Field

  •   April 01, 2017
  •  By Mr. B. V. Harsoda
  •   Ex. Deputy Executive Engineer R & B - Rajkot

Concept of Kaizen and It's Application, ISO Briefing, Basic Concept of Quality, Safety Aspects in Industrias

  •   March 17, 2017
  •  By Mr. N. I. Parikh
  •   Head of Q.M. Safety & Environment, GHCL - Sutrapada

Application of White Cement

  •   March 15, 2017
  •  By Mr. S. P. Arora
  •   Senior General Manager - J. K. Cement

Supervision Practices in Concreting

  •   February 18, 2017
  •  By Mr. Hitesh Panelia
  •   Ultratech Cement

Importance on Safety at Construction Site

  •   February 18, 2017
  •  By Mr. Kamlesh Parekh
  •   Kamlesh Parekh Architect

Construction Supervision Practices

  •   February 18, 2017
  •  By Mr. Samir Patel
  •   Shilpen Onyx

Sampling and Analysis of Air Pollutants

  •   January 21, 2017
  •  By Mr. P. H. Bhatt
  •   Senior Scientific Assistant-GPCB, Rajkot

Air Pollution:Meteorology and Modeling

  •   January 21, 2017
  •  By Prof.(Dr.) B. N. Tandel
  •   Assistant Prof. Civil Engg. Department-SVNIT,Surat

Noise Pollution:Basic Fundamentals and Health Impacts

  •   January 21, 2017
  •  By Prof.(Dr.) B. N. Tandel
  •   Assistant Prof. Civil Engg. Department-SVNIT,Surat

Fundamental of Air Pollution Control Equipments

  •   January 20, 2017
  •  By Mr. Jagdish Chauhan
  •   Environmental Consultant, Ahmedabad

Design of Air Pollution Control Equipments

  •   January 20, 2017
  •  By Prof. J.N. Joshi
  •   Retired Prof. L D Collage of Engineering, Ahmedabad

Effect of Noise Pollution on Human behavior

  •   January 20, 2017
  •  By Dr. D. J. Parikh
  •   Retired Director-NIOH, Ahmedabad

Rule and Regulation of Noise Pollution

  •   January 20, 2017
  •  By Mr. Bipin Bagada
  •   AEE-GPCB, Rajkot

Duties & Responsibilities of Civil Engineer on Site

  •   December 30, 2016
  •  By Mr. Suresh Sanghavi
  •   Star Architect - Rajkot

Challenges & Opportunities to Budding Civil Engineer

  •   December 30, 2016
  •  By Mr. Kishor Mavadiya
  •   Architect, Registered Valuer - RMC

Challenges & Opportunities to Budding Civil Engineer

  •   December 29, 2016
  •  By Mr. H. V. Vibhakar - Team Leader Cum Highway Maintenance Engineer
  •   Frischmann Prabhu

Challenges & Opportunities to Budding Civil Engineer

  •   December 29, 2016
  •  By Mr. S. V. Ahuja
  •   Retd. Chief Engineer, GWS&SB - Gandhinagar

Construction Supervision Practices

  •   December 29, 2016
  •  By Mr. Vipul Bakhai
  •   Project Manger, Silver Heights - Rajkot

Challenges & Opportunities to Budding Civil Engineer

  •   December 28, 2016
  •  By Mr. Kamlesh Dhola - AA-Class Govt.
  •   AA-Class Govt. Registered Contractor

Soil Stabilization by TerraZyme Optimal Soil Stabilizer

  •   August 12, 2016
  •  By Mr. Shalin Shah
  •   TerraZyme USA

Valuation Practices in Civil Engineering for Immovable Property

  •   April 12, 2016
  •  By Mr. Ramesh Jivrajani
  •   Govt. Approved Valuer

How to Become Government Approved Contractor

  •   March 17, 2016
  •  By Mr.Jiten B. Thakar
  •   Govt. Approved Contractor

Introduction on Railway Engineering

  •   March 03, 2016
  •  By Mr. Sumit Thakkar
  •   Indian Railways

Application of White Cement

  •   February 18, 2016
  •  By Mr. Sanjay Gupta
  •   JK Cement LTD.

Introducation on Plumbing Faucets by Plumber

  •   December 14, 2015
  •  By Mr. Jigneshbhai
  •   Plumber Faucets

A Seminar on White Cement Application

  •   March 19, 2015
  •  By J.K. Cement
  •   J.K. Cement

A One Day Workshop on Bituminous Mix Technologies

  •   August 30, 2014
  •  By Dr. Dharamveersinh
  •   Assistant Professor, Civil Engg. Dept., IIT-Bombay

Airfield / Airport Construction

  •   April 18, 2014
  •  By Shri R. R. Gupta
  •   Airport Director, Rajkot

Expert Talk on "Airfield / Airport Construction" with Shri R. R. Gupta (Airport Director, Rajkot) was organized for students of Civil Engineering on 18-04-2014.

Property Valuation and Arbitration

  •   April 16, 2014
  •  By Mr. Amit Surani
  •   Govt. Approved Valuer

Expert Talk on: "Property Valuation and Arbitration" with Mr. Amit Surani (certified valuer) was organized for students of Civil Engineering on 16-04-2014.