Civil Engineering Department

Department of Civil Engineering believes that “Real engineering means: Institute Knowledge with Industrial Experience”. Our ancient Sanskrit, "योगः कर्मेसु कौशलम" also supports the same. To make students an excellent in the field of civil engineering. The department has designed different activities which provide a multitude of a platform for students to enhance their technical and industrial skills. Some of the activities are listed below:

अधिभूतं - The material manifestation

Under this program, students acquire the special skill of material identification by visualizing which is an important and required skill in the field.


Students are identified and divided into groups based on their area of interest. Industrial/field exposure provided by faculties which helps students to prepare technical articles and presentation for the expression of their views, talents, knowledge etc.

Continuing Education

The department of civil engineering has set up a continuing education programs in different semester to train and upgrade the students to fulfill industrial needs. Some of the feathers of continuing education are mentioned below:

 CADD Computer Software Training
 Planning and Drawing Understanding
 Measurement/ Quantification Skill Development
 Engaging Students to Live Projects
 GATE Coaching Classes
 Basic Training: Construction Supervision
 Civil Engineering Carnival
 Government Exam Preparation