Computer Engineering Department

C omputer Engineering has enabled technological revolution in fields like medical, missiles, satellite, communication, transportation, etc.; Due to the rapid growth of computer & internet and its impact on our lives, Computer Engineering has become one of the fastest growing segments of world’s economy.

The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty providing excellent teaching & learning environment. Faculties with industrial background bridge the gap between academic learning and industrial needs. Faculties are easily accessible and enjoy mentoring students. The department regularly conducts various seminars and training programs on advanced technologies for the up-gradation of student’s knowledge and makes them compatible with market requirements.

ASWDC - Apps, Software & Website Development Center

The department is proud to announce its "ASWDC - Apps, Software & Website Development Center". The center fulfills software & website requirements of the College. Some of the developed programs are DLib – Darshan Library Management Software, TTMS – Time Table Management Software, Fees Collection Software, Attendance Manager, etc… A team of faculties and students has developed iPhone, Android and Windows APPS for library, Students details for parents (DParent) and Engineering Admission (ACPC).

Post Graduate Research Centers

The department has started the course Master of Computer Engineering from the year 2013 with the aim of encouraging the research activities in core computing and in application projects. Research activities in diverse areas will offer students a wide range of opportunities to gain experience while completing requirements for advanced degrees. Significant computational facilities, networks, and other resources are available to support student research.


  • 750+ Higher End Configuration Computers of HP, Lenovo & Acer Brand
  • 10+ Intel Xeon & ProLiant Servers of HP
  • 24 Mbps Dedicated Internet Leased Line from BlazeNet
  • 50+ Laser Printers, 50+ Network Switches, 15+UPSs
  • Campus Wide Fiber Optic Cable Network
  • Wi-Fi enabled Campus
  • Apple Mac Mini & Mac Book for iPhone Programming
  • Microsoft Campus License for all Microsoft Software, Cybroam Subscription
  • Research & Innovation Center for PG